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23,790,000 Coins Mined


Our global community enables you to mine the BytesCoin cryptocurrency, as well as use it to your discretion. In essence, cryptocurrencies comprise protocols that facilitate the completion of validated transactions without the intervention of 3rd parties such as credit card companies, banks, and escrow agents.


BytesCoin architecture includes every single transaction ever completed in BytesCoin. Anonymous transactions are prohibited, and the company abides by all anti-money laundering regulations, conducting KYC procedures in various aspects of its activities.

BytesCoin is the secondary of all cryptocurrencies to store KYC documents on its blockchain. The blockchain is built on protocols that validate, verify and save information in consistent, uninterrupted sequences that increase the system’s safety by neutralizing any effort on fraud, forgery, and duplicity.


At BytesCoin, we are proud of having a Management Team with complete dedication to the development of better solutions through the provision of safe, fast, and low-cost financial services and products to individuals all over the world. We keep a vigilant eye on the industry and abide by all rules and regulations, so that our promise to our shareholders for transparency, conformity and business superiority is upheld.

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The blockchain keeps everyone honest, and a whole layer of banking bureaucracy is removed, lowering costs.

― Paul Vigna

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